Ex-professional Volleyball Player

Since I can remember I have been obsessed with sports. I was lucky enough to find my passion at the age of 11. My dream of becoming a professional volleyball player became a reality right after graduating from high school and winning the national championship of Bulgaria. 

My career continued in Greece while at the same time I managed to complete my Bachelor’s in Management. A few months later, I was already on a plane to Finland for the start of the new season with my new team. Then, I got a career-ending injury in my back.

Country Manager by Day

While recovering from my injury and fighting depression, I knew I need to do something. I needed new goals, new passions to chase. Some years and many jobs later, I fulfilled my biggest corporate dream – to manage a company.

All adversities on the way just showed me that there’s pleasure to be found in everything you do if you are willing to work hard enough. 99% of people work for others, but this doesn’t mean you cannot find a dream job that will make you feel fulfilled.

Passionate Creator by Night

On one of my numerous business trips, I had an epiphany under the shower (I know, such a cliche). I needed to share everything I’ve learned in my life. I’ve been so blessed with mentors around me, experiences and difficulties that it was time for me to start leading by example. It’s hard to explain such an internal urge for giving, but I am sure that one day you will feel it and these words will make sense. 

While juggling between my demanding job, family, and travels I decided to start building my legacy in the form of video. I was never a good writer, as you can probably tell by reading this, but I was always in love with video. I launched my YouTube channel Fearless Dreams as a training ground, but this is just the beginning.

Inspirational Leader & Change Maker

For the past 8 years, I’ve been involved in a number of projects that have taught me a lot. From planting trees on 3 different continents to speaking at TEDx, I’ve been the typical millennial – inspiring people to change for the better. 

Rotary International, corporate giants like HP and a number of universities are some of the organizations I’ve worked with. My live seminars have touched thousands of people, but I am taking everything to the next level. 

All of my online courses are designed so that anyone can become an Achiever in whatever area of life you want to excel at. Since not all of us were born under equal conditions, I pledge to donate 10% of all my earnings to respectable charities.

Addicted to Travel and Wildlife

Travel is one of the best ways to experience the world while at the same time learning more about yourself. If there’s something better than that – it is travel with family in nature. I am in love with wildlife and especially dolphins and whales. If I could reincarnate, I would come back as an orca. One of my greatest achievements was diving with wild orcas, but I wouldn’t mind playing with pandas in China, chasing wolves in the arctic and running with cheetahs in the savanna. I am sure you get the point.